Houston Testimonial Video Production

Houston Testimonial Video Production company, Artistic Video Productions, will create a testimonial video for your company. Testimonial videos include video footage of your customers discussing how your company's services have benefited them. The owners also have a chance to discuss the company's history and values. Potential clients will get a more in depth look at your company, encouraging them to buy your services.

The benefits of testimonial videos

Testimonial Videos can help your business stand out against competition through differentiation. By talking about the company's history, values and client testimonies, potential clients are able to identify what sets you apart from competition.

What our services include

We can shoot your video on location or through a green screen. Both setups include video editing in the post-production phase to ensure that your video is broadcast ready. We can also upload your videos to YouTube and other video sharing sites.

Green Screen

  • • Customer is interviewed in front of green screen in our studio
  • • Broadcast quality graphics, titles, and b-roll are created during the post-production phase

On location

  • • Customer is interviewed on location in the company's office
  • • Our videographer will record b-roll, which is video footage of your company's office, business, or product.
  • • The graphics, text and b-roll are added in the post-production phase.

Testimonial Videos help bring legitimacy to your website

By choosing to film a testimonial video, you are establishing trust between your company and potential clients. At Artistic Video Productions, we can help you successfully plan and execute your testimonial video. For 30 years we have been experts in Houston testimonial video production. Call us at 713-269-3094.