Client Testimonials

Promotional Videos
"Terrific job -- thank you so much! John and I agreed that out of all our promotional materials, your video worked the best. Keep up the good work!"

"We were looking to deploy video in our marketing mix. We really wanted to know what our options were, and Artistic Video was a really good place to go to help figure it out. We would definitely recommend Artistic Video Productions."

"Our video explains the benefits of our products and goes everywhere the information needs to be. We would need a multitude of products to achieve what this one promotional video does for our company."

"Artistic Video Productions biggest contribution, other than creating a great promotional video, was their ability to take the entire project off our hands. We were able to concentrate on the content, while AVP provided the equipment, crew, and, of course, technical expertise, all while keeping to precise deadlines and staying within our budget."

"We worked with Artistic Video Productions to develop a promotional video to show off our key products. From the time that we approached them on the project to the time the finished product was delivered, the Artistic Video team provided us with an exceptional level of professional service and support."

"Our product promotion has gone very well. The video was well received by our clients with some excellent feedback. Congratulations, Artistic Video! You did us proud."

"Last month we needed a promotional video urgently to launch the release of our new product line. Within a week, the Artistic Video team had developed the script and organized a comprehensive shooting schedule using our employees as actors. The actual shoot went very successfully, and we had no problem meeting our deadline. I would highly recommend the services of Artistic Video Productions to any company."

"Our prospects were extremely impressed with the end result created by Artistic Video and would not hesitate to use them again."

Fundraising Promotional Videos

Feedback has centered on the quality and message of the video. People have been very moved, and I work with some of the most cynical people in the world, which says a great deal about the production value.

Training Videos
"We use video to keep the skills of our employees sharp and everyone's knowledge up-to-date. We take this commitment seriously and are happy to invest in the on-going training of our employees. Thank you Artistic Video for your assistance in helping us create an excellent training video series."

"Thank you for all your time and patience in going over and discussing the production process for our training video. We appreciate all your hard work and effort."

"Everybody who viewed the video was positive about the training they received and the work you did on a day to day basis."

Speeches, Meetings, & Seminar Videos
"Your staff was superb! Both the camera crew and editors were approachable and only too willing to assist where necessary. Very easy to work with - didn't bat an eye when changes were requested throughout the day. Their work was unobtrusive with no disruption whatsoever to our speakers or the events of the day. Great to work with professionals! No doubt, we will use Artistic Video again should the need arise in the future. "

"This year with the help of Artistic Video, the presentation by our company was the stand-out presentation of the conference."

"Even with a tight deadline and even tighter budget we pulled off our promotional video in time for the trade show. Thanks Artistic Video for making us look so good! Can't wait to see what you come up with next year."

Video for the Web
"We were more than happy with the finished video and all who were involved in the production. In fact, the happiness continues as we have now started to stream the video on our website and promote it on the Internet."

Camera Work & Post-Production
"Artistic Video was both dynamic and easy to work with. They were able to take our 'rough draft' of ideas and convert them into a professional and succinct video."

"The post-production further enhanced the quality, presentation and information that we needed to communicate. Great camera work! Excellent editing!" "I will be using Artistic Video for any further video production that I need done by my department."

"What I liked most was the quality of the video animations, graphics and titles. You guys are simply the best! Many thanks for an excellent job."

See why companies who compare quality and service trust Artistic Video Productions to assist in the production of their sales, marketing, and training materials.