Using Promotional Video Production For Your Houston Small Business

In today’s competitive business environment, every Houston small business is looking for a way to distinguish itself from other local firms. Traditional business practices like offering quality products or services at affordable prices is always the best way to drive up profits; but how exactly does your Houston small business get its name out into the public? One way to increase your business’ visibility is to invest in promotional video production.

While the idea of a promotional video may intimidate some business owners, the fact is that hiring a firm to produce one of these videos should be a relaxing, and even a fun, experience. The video should be an honest reflection of how your business runs—it should demonstrate to viewers that you are a sound company that is dedicated to customer satisfaction. It should never be distracting or unnecessarily busy, or it may turn potential customers off. Luckily for the Houston small business community, there are several firms in the area that can produce such videos; however, not all companies offer the same level of high service. A quality promotional video production firm will offer clients:

  • • On-location filming with appropriate lighting
  • • Script writing and consultation
  • • High quality, professional on-screen graphics and text
  • • Crisp editing
  • • Voiceover talent
  • • Information on how to upload video of the production to your company website

What is a "Meet the Owner" Video?
Local residents enjoy learning more about the owner behind a given Houston small business, which is why adding a “Meet the Owner” streaming video to your website is an excellent choice. During this video, the owner can introduce him/herself and give some insight into how they started their business and why their company has been successful. A Meet the Owner video puts a face behind a company name, humanizing the Houston small business and laying the foundation for positive customer relations. Ask your promotional video production firm about adding this type of video to your website.

Artistic Video
Since 1985, Houston small businesses have relied on Artistic Video to create promotional videos as a part of their overall advertising campaigns. Artistic Video can work with your business to create a product that not only introduces your business to the Houston community, but also advertises the quality of its products and services. Each video is professionally created and edited, and we continue working with your business until you are completely satisfied with the result. Call us today at (713)-269-3094 and let us begin producting your promotional video.